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We believe in the inherent dignity of every person, proactively addressing and meeting the needs of the homeless and disadvantaged, in a spirit of compassion and hospitality, with the hope of making a difference in their lives.

A. Location of the Charitable Organisation

W.H. Five Loaves is a well-established Homeless and Disadvantaged Charity in the Bray, Wicklow area Est 2004. The Early days of the organisation were focused on delivering meals and support to the homeless in the town. Soon after a greater need was quickly identified and premises were sought. With this a more permanent organisational structure was set up, charitable status was obtained, employees, volunteers and a board of directors soon followed.

After a number of years in rented premises, in 2019 we were in a position to purchase our own property to operate our Day Centre out of. This is located centrally in Bray at 52c Main Street Bray, beside the Bray Credit Union.

Previous location was behind the Church on the Main St and on Albert Walk

B. Range of Charity Work/Involvement in the Community

Our Centre is open to all in the community who are struggling with homeless and are at any disadvantage.

In the day centre you are provided with two hot meals, breakfast and dinner, with Tea/Coffee and snacks served throughout the day.

Our Food Bank service is available to any individuals in the area who may be struggling with providing food for their family. This service operates as a drop in, or call ahead so we can have the food items ready for collection at the gate. This service also works with other local organisation helping families and individuals at risk.

In the centre you can avail of our showering facilities, where all necessary toiletries are provided. Fresh clothing, new underwear and socks, tents and sleeping bags are made available, without charge

Our Sunday Bingo Night is held every week at 8:00pm in the Little Flower Hall, Holy Redeemer Parish and other fundraising events include Mini Marathon, Golf Classic, School events and others. These activities not only raise much needed funds for our charity but also raise awareness of homelessness and social exclusion.

The Charity Shop at Bray Recycling Centre has given us the opportunity to raise much needed funds and provide clothing to the homeless, whilst providing the community with very reasonably priced goods. It also encourages people to recycle goods therefore benefitting the environment. We rely heavily on fundraising this way to maintain the operation of the Charity.

C. Experience (minimum 2 years)

W.H. Five Loaves has been running the charity shop very successfully in the Recycling centre for the last number of years. We are well known to the community in this position and it would be difficult to be without it. The council has been very kind good to us in relation to the shop.

D. Range of Services Offered

We have been able to take many items for resale in the shop, limiting the waste in the recycling centre. Many of these items are then sold on at great value to the community. Any of the clothing that is not able to be sold on can be recycled with any of the organisations we work with to take the clothing away. This is also an advantage to us we each bag is worth a small amount of money to us.

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